Addiction & Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous

Main office:

4920 Plainfield NE Suite 19

Grand Rapids, MI 49525


(616) 913-9216


Information and support to those who are new to AA and those thinking about getting involved in recovery.  View website for meeting locations.

Alternative Directions

1706 S Division Ave

Grand Rapids MI 49507


(616) 245-4346


Provides behavioral therapy and sustance abuse counseling services to adult male non-violent felony offenders and probation violators.

Arbor Circle

1115 Ball Ave NE

Grand Rapids MI 49505


(616) 456-6571


Counseling services for those with depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma, and family relationship issues.

B.O.O.M. Recovery

17 Palmer St NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49505-4629


(616) 323-8533


BOOM RECOVERY provides a Licensed Peer Support Specialist; Certified Criminal Justice Professional and Alcohol and Drug Specialist. We help those with Co-Occurring work through difficult times in a kind and gentle manner. 


Boom teams up with E & C Rentals in a mutual agreement to house Returning Citizens (parolees) so they do not end up back in prison.

Cherry Health Services

550 Cherry St SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


(616) 965-8308


Provides quality health services, regardless of income or insurance status. Sliding fee payment scale based on income and family size. Offers primary care, women’s health, pediatrics, dental, vision, behavioral health, mental health, and correctional health. Several locations.

Cherry Street Durham Clinic

Heart of the City


100 Cherry St SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503


(616) 965-8200


Team-based approach to the management of chronic physical and/or behavioral health conditions. Team includes psychiatrist, nurses, health coaches, social workers, supports coordinator, peer support specialist, medical assistants and physician assistant. Any individual who is 18 years or older and has at least one chronic health condition (mental or physical) is eligible for services.

Community Recovery

2340 Dean Lake Rd NE

Grand Rapids MI 4950


(616) 361-6014

ext. 226 to call for a ride


Offers free counseling services for family, individual, addiction, marital, and mental health issues.

Durham Clinic

Cherry Health – Located in Heart of the City Health Center


100 Cherry St SE

Grand Rapids MI 49503


(616) 965-8200


Fully integrated health care clinic with a team-based approach to the management of chronic physical and/or behavioral health conditions.

Family Outreach Center

1939 S Division Ave

Grand Rapids MI 49507


(616) 247-3815


Mental health and substance abuse counseling, support groups include relapse prevention, wellness programs, and recovery management.

Network 180

790 Fuller Avenue NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503




Provides screening and referral for individuals seeking support and services for mental illness, serious emotional disturbance, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders.


Walk-in hours M-F 8am – 6pm

Nuevo Camino

Cherry Street Health Center

550 Cherry St SE

Grand Rapids MI 49503

(616) 745-0218 


Westside Health Center

669 Stocking Ave NW

Grand Rapids MI 49504

(616) 745-0218


Short term outpatient counseling for members of the Hispanic community. Treatment for substance use and co-occurring disorders both in clinic and home-based. Other services include relationship counseling, assistance in reclaiming driver’s licenses, and connecting clients to other helpful resources in the community. All services available in Spanish.

Set Free Ministries

700 36th St. SE, Suite 108

Grand Rapids, MI 49548


(616) 726-5400


Set Free Ministries provide counseling for individuals struggling with depression, addiction, suicidal thoughts, marriage, veteran challenges, hopelessness, anger or fear.  

This organization will schedule a Freedom Appointment which is a 4 – 6 hour meeting with 2 trained volunteers who will lead you through steps to freedom in Christ.